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scarf and shawl lessons

wavy scarf with two repeats

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I’ve been doing a lot of knitting lately and here is my favorite work in progress. The Malabrigo yarn is just so very soft and the difference is noticeable! It will make a wonderful scarf. As for the scarf pattern, it’s from and it looks harder than it really is. In fact, it’s simply done with purl and knits.

I do like to learn with every project and what I’m learning and practicing here is a bit of patience and working with a pattern and stitch counter. You can see the stitch counter on the circular needles. I’ve already mixed up about four rows (you can see two at the bottom which are “off” and there are another two up top which i skipped) but so far, I’ve really enjoyed it.

My other active project is almost the opposite in that it’s the product and not the process which I’m coveting. It’s the Sunday Market shawl (pattern link here) and it’s a straight stockinette stitch (knit one row and purl the next row) until the end when you tear out some stitches and viola! something special shows up. So it’s doesn’t need much mindfulness and is easy. But the landmark that this shawl helped me achieve is this–I knitted standing up on Bart! I gave up my seat for a family and while there were plenty of seats, I just stood near the doors and knitted standing up. Something new for me!

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Stash buster rug

In order to use up some of my stash, I’m knitting a small rug that can serve almost like an indoor doormat. I’m using my Caron Perfect Match yarn which is not very soft but I like the variegated colors of the blue/teal/ombre colorway (click here to see the colors used in a scarf).

US13 Needles (circular since it’s long)

pattern so far:

Hold three strands together (see, it uses up yarn!)

CO 53 stitches

Use seed stitch for 10 rows.

For Rows 11-15, use stockinette stitch.

The go back to seed stitch. End by mirroring the first 15 rows (ie. stockinette then finish with seed stitch for 10 rows) before binding off.

I’ll post the measurements when I finish so there will be more exact information!

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So called scarf thoughts

I can see why this is so popular–once you get into the groove, I’m sure this produces the endorphins in one’s brain to produce a zen-like state! I think the continental style of knitting (where the left hand carries the yarn) makes this pattern pretty fast on the right side where you are doing a YO before you slip off the slipped stitch. The purl-side is not so fast no matter what!

Modification made: To keep the edging clean, I’ve been slipping (not knitting) the first stitch on the RS row.

I think the Caron Simply Soft is really very soft and I haven’t had too many problems with the yarn. But I can see that this yarn does get quite fuzzy and is not the top quality — but of course it’s a fraction of the price of the nice LYS yarns! Makes me regret a little putting in so much effort into this scarf with cheap yarn — but this won’t be my last SCS!

January 6, 2008 at 12:52 pm 2 comments

Knitting needle tips

Being a relatively unsophisticated knitter, I’m still trying out plastic, bamboo, and metal needles as well as both circular and straight ones. I like the plastic ones actually because they often have a sharp tip, are light, and not too slippery. But the bamboo ones feel really nice and warm and the metal ones have that cool (in both temperature and attitude) feel and the clicking is very encouraging!

My sister gave me a set of plastic straight needles from an estate sale which has served me well. But lately, I find that they are a little long and the ends tend to bump into armrests and such, forcing me into a strange posture–not good.

So I jumped on the circular needle bandwagon and thought to knit everything on circulars, even if not knitted in the round. But I found something out:

TIP: For drop stitch patterns, use straight needles! Because circular needles have a huge change in diameter, the YO’s get tightened up and it’s hard to move them on and off the connective wire to the needle section.

I frogged the start of a ribbon scarf (Lion Brand Incredible Accent on Black) because I got tired of trying to move my stitches onto the working part of the circular needles. I found myself a pair of short, plastic straight needles and that will work much better.

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