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recycled paper dress

recycled paper dress

Last year I became more and more inspired with recycled materials and paper arts. During my NYC trip last summer, I had visited an exhibit about Brazilian dresign. They had a series of handmade dresses and this was one of them. So brilliant!

recycled paper dress


February 8, 2009 at 11:23 am 2 comments

BART art: deer

BART art: deer

Originally uploaded by Jurassic2008

I’ve been taking BART to jury duty and noticing that art is all around. In the North Berkeley station, there are three commissioned art pieces featuring native species with a BART line in the background.



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Check out word cloud website!

Goodness–someone shared this website with me:


and it’s really cool! It’s a way to visualize text from websites, delicious bookmarks and other inserted text. The gallery shows many cool applications. I referred the website to this very blog and it created dozens of combinations using variety of colors, styles, fonts, etc. You have to check it out!




I might have to analyze some of my email someday to see how good my vocabulary use is! I can also imagine using some of these for looking at how my ideas change (snapshots of my interests) or themes in my writing.

Have fun with it!

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fourth photo of the fourth folder

fourth photo of the fourth folder

Originally uploaded by Jurassic2008 issued a challenge to blog and describe the fourth photo of the fourth folder on my computer. While she had a cute photo of her little girl (my niece), I had a very different photo!

This is a block of serpentine rock which is also a good example of “slickenslides” which is the shiny, “scratched” surface which is created by geologic forces. When two rock faces are pushed against each other, the pressure alters the minerals slightly.

Fine print: photo was taken in April 2008 from McLaren Park in San Francisco. It was a block which had been moved and placed around the pond so it was not in place. (As a geologist, I feel obligated to state that!)

December 26, 2008 at 5:17 pm 1 comment

Mini-journal workshop

I was lucky enough to attend a rare workshop over at Sanctuary Studio with Lisa Sonora Beam about unleashing creativity with mini-journals. Some lessons:

-we make something out of nothing–easily!
-creativity and art doesn’t need to be agonizingly slow and analytical!
-being unperfect is fine
-inspiration can come from discarded materials
-don’t let fear or perfectionism stop you from creating things!

I don’t have any photos yet but here are some from my teacher on her blog at alteredbookstudio.

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