back up and running!

Okay, been gone for over 2 years now. I’m hopefully back to undertaking some creative endeavors. Am signed up for an online course with Creative Kismet “Art of Giving” and hopefully, that will get me back in the habit of journaling and making things with my hands again.

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This is the second “page” I did for the House art project. I made a sweet dollhouse with flaps that opened up into different rooms. Each flap has some brads.

In the middle row, I have a bathroom where I added a shell to the wall as a decoration and a sitting room where I added a watch face to the wall.

dollhouse rooms closeup
In the lower floor, I have a kitchen on the left and a living room on the right where I added some dimensional glue to highlight a glass vase.

dollhouse top bedroom

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This is the bedroom of the House project with some curtains. I literally cut this from the bottom of my real-life curtains!

Each of the rooms came from the paint chip brochures you can pick up from the home improvement stores. I picked up the brochures so I could paint–so this was reusing stuff I had in the house! In other words, I didn’t pick up the brochures for this project–but the sizes were perfect.

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home improvement

home improvement

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This was part of an altered book swap–but it wasn’t a classic assignment! My friend wanted us to work with cardboard forms of houses. She had done a lot of home improvement projects with her partner so I made a tribute to those efforts.

I used a background of paint chips with magazine photos of tools.

The chimney smoke has a quote on it: “A home is made, not bought.”

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recycled t-shirt necklace

Wow! I found this on Whipup and am just so intrigued by it. It’s a necklace from used T-shirts. It can be painted using textile medium. Very cool! I am on a crafty binge I think… You can buy a similar one from Urban Outfitters for $38 but it’s not as nice as this one.

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Self Help Altered Book swap

self help AB page spread 1

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My latest altered book for swapping is about the humorous side of Self Help books. I’m using a book from the ’60’s about improving your life as the substrate and there are some very funny quotes and dated anecdotes in there as inspiration.

Here, I make a play on the Ayn Rand quote about our mind being the most powerful weapon. On this page, there is a drawing of Stephen Covey and his thoughts from a Southwest Magazine article.

But when we flip the page, I have a drawing from a NY Times magazine of a body with headaches, dizziness and blurry vision (get it–our brain is NOT a good weapon?).

I also have a “Fix Yourself” page for the book too.

self help AB page spread 1b
self help AB page spread 2

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Mini board book project

mini AB board book cover

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Although our teacher has moved, we’re continuing with our altered book swap and projects. This month, our hostess had a mini-board book project which took about 2 hours and I spent about 30 minutes at home completing it.

She bought these easter-themed books and brought out her stamps, stamp pads, and some small paper/images for us to use. For text, she challenged us with a page of Fenimore Cooper-like story.

I put together a little story about a naturalist who collects specimens and observations–but ends up being a doctor in the end.


mini AB board book 1-2
mini AB board book 3-4
mini AB board book 5-6
mini AB board book 7-8

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New workshop

I went to Tim Holtz’s workshop last night and it was a lot of fun! The 3 and a half hours went back so fast–I hardly got anything done! We played with acrylic fragments, alcohol inks, background papers, canvas and other materials. My favorite technique had to be the frosted pieces that were embossed–I’ll post photos later!

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